Staff Rules

I just need to set up some rules. ALL STAFF LISTEN UP! Rules here are simple. Or not. 

  1. Don’t use obscene or hurtful language.
  2. Don’t attack any individual. 
  3. Don’t be negative ALL THE TIME. Opinions are welcomed, but try to keep the tone positive
  4. Don’t edit  Admin or Editor’s posts and pages. 
  5. If you want to kick a user off, contact AN ADMINISTRATOR first.
  6. If you want a promotion, you  must take a test. 
  7. Whenever an editor sees a post that has not yet been published, use the included spell checker to check your spelling.
  8. All staff must also include a semi-detailed bio of themselves in their profile page. 
  9. Staff must post AT LEAST once every two weeks or they will be demoted.
  10. If the subject you are writing about is not something you are passionate about, try to be interesting AND informative

If you wish to join the staff, you must fill in the application.��Clearly state why you think you should join the blog, any past writing experience, and if you’ve ever had a website. Then tell me your desired username and password, first name, and last name. If you are an an editor or author, a certain amount of work, dedication, proofreading, and monitoring will be expected in the blog. If you feel you cannot do this, you can stay a contributor.