More On Google Drive

You may have heard about Google Drive. It’s actually a big thing.

One day, your teacher says, “Go type up a report about _______”. So you log into Google Drive with your Gmail account. May seem like a mundane thing, but just 10 years ago, it was… different. Wireless internet was just beginning to get fast. The only real text editor was Microsoft Word. But now, there are so many. Pages for Apple. Word for Windows. Google Drive for Google. But only two have wireless syncing. Pages and Google Drive. And Google Drive, however, is slowly becoming dominant. It has all the things you could need from a text editor, plus presentations and drawings.

The thing is, Drive is FREE. The only problem is that without internet, you can’t edit the documents. So, this is ideal for NetBooks. All I’m saying is, Drive is pretty useful.


What’s up everyone! I just learned about Google Drive. I know… I can’t believe that I haven’t heard about it before. My good friend Noah told me about it today. So for you World of Warcraft fans, we were talking about it. If you don’t have Google drive, get it!!!

Design Change

I know the design of the website looks cool, but I want to change it to something more… Orange. So we’ll have a group vote. Whatever. Just get  it done.


For all you Yugioh fans, I have a little story to tell. As you all know Micky (the admin), he is the one who gave me my Yugioh cards. He also gave me the idea to get a deck box and card sleeves. If you want to know more about Yugioh the game, talk to him about it!

Hey guys!

At Parras yesterday, there was an ambulance on the field. I kid got table tossed and got hurt. There are some rumors so I don’t want to tell you guys anymore. Just telling you whats up.  I’ll tell you guys the updates. See ya!

A New Member!

My name is Alex and I am a new contributor to the blog. I will be posting random items, such as Today in History and Tech News.