Skate 3 Review test

Hello skaters, welcome to my first game review. Lets get skating. First off I would like to note how this is one of the best skating games I have ever played. Starting from when you create your player, you will notice lots of customization is easily available. Though most the clothes,shoes and boards are locked in the beginning you can unlock them by completing missions, which adds a cool little reward for completing the mission. If you are looking for something different in this game, then take a closer look at the differences in the boards. Unlike most skate games, the boards do not give you better stats they only give you a cooler design. This makes the game a lot more about skill. The only big issue is the amount of glitches in the game which can be a little bit annoying. All in all, I believe that Skate 3 is a great game. If you want to pick up this game for your self or just check it out go to  As for a game rating I will give it a big 4.5  Micky points and see you guys in the next post for some awesome cheat codes. 


-good job, I like the organization. In the future, try to add more commas. 


Skyrim hacks, cheats, and glitches

Hi guys, Ethan here. Noah, our in-house cheat code distributer *cough*hacker*cough (I kid. we’re all hackers here)does not have Skyrim. Therefore he cannot post cheats, hacks, and cool glitches about the best game for ps3, xbox, and pc/mac. I will take his place for the game skyrim, because skyrim is the only game I play. Let’s get started with the first hack/cheat, depending on how you see it. First hack: Amass an army of followers.

A Wild Member Has Appeared

Hello my name is Gregory and I hope to contribute to this blog.  I will be reviewing L.O.L or League of Legend and talking about other random Indie Games.  Hope to blog some more on this awesome blog.   

Return of the Micky

I haven’t posted much lately, and if you are a member, you know my stats have been suffering equally. Today I once again take up the chisel and slate. I mean, keyboard and monitor. I’m gonna come with another wave of content, and try to make the podcast a reality. It’s been really difficult, and podcasts may come out only once in a while, but it’s an awarding experience. If you want a voice acting part, or editing in the blog, just contact me!


Hi guys, it’s Noah here and this is my first post on the blog and I hope to put out some more content about cheat codes, game glitches and game ratings. Hope you guys enjoy the show. If you want to look forward to something I will be doing a review on Skate 3 and some of the cheat codes and glitches that are a part of it.


New Guy

Hey guys! My really good friend Noah is going to join the blog. I’m really excited because he’s really good at writing. He’s getting hooked up today and I would recommend you look at his work. He goes to Parras Middle school just like me, Micky, Tobi, and basically everyone on the blog. Just want to also tell you guys that I got no update about the kid who got hurt on my blog about the ambulance at Parras. That’s all I got for now. See ya!