It’s been a while…

…but, I’m back. And you know, there’s a lot more fails than just car fails. But then there’s another thing: car fails are just getting stale. Or maybe I’m just getting stale. In other news, I figure it’s probably pretty self-centered to just post about how I’m feeling about certain games, I figure I’ll stop. (But for all of you that like it, this is the last time. And by the way: Skyrim: Ok. Been playing recently, though. Watch Dogs: Meh. Gets kinda boring once you complete the story missions. Oh, and there’s no online free roam on PS3 [Oh, right I forgot to tell you: I got it for PS3. Why? My computer’s RAM: 5.9 Gigabytes. RAM needed to run Watch Dogs: 6.0 Gigabytes. The sad, sad truth.] ) Ok, this post is getting lengthy, so I figured I’d stop it here. Wait, what am I doing!?! My hands… they’re going to Google! They… they’re clicking on Images… Oh, no…

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It’s terrible!!! Well, I guess I don’t have as much self control as I thought I did. See you next time!

R.I.P Skyrim. Long live Watch Dogs!

Skyrim. It used to be my favorite. But, things change,and now, I don’t play it any more. I’m waiting for Watch Dogs to come out. here’s a few videos on it.

That one was for Playstation, the next one is for Xbox.

I’m getting mine for PC at the end of the school year. Hope to see you in multiplayer!


Amass an army of followers in Skyrim!

Okay, guys here’s the first cheat: amass an army of followers. So first you get any follower. which is easy enough. For those of you who don’t know how to get a follower, you first must become their friend (or thane of that hold to get a housecarl). then you click in the dialogue option follow me. okay, to get your second follower, go up near them, and talk to your current follower, and choose “I think we should part ways.” Then, immediately choose “follow me” again, and exit dialogue. Immediately talk to your desired second follower and select dialogue option “follow me.” they will now be your follower. Repeat as many times as you want to get an army of followers!

Skyrim hacks, cheats, and glitches

Hi guys, Ethan here. Noah, our in-house cheat code distributer *cough*hacker*cough (I kid. we’re all hackers here)does not have Skyrim. Therefore he cannot post cheats, hacks, and cool glitches about the best game for ps3, xbox, and pc/mac. I will take his place for the game skyrim, because skyrim is the only game I play. Let’s get started with the first hack/cheat, depending on how you see it. First hack: Amass an army of followers.