More on Podcasts

I have worked on the podcast. On Sunday I worked on it for 6 HOURS. I will upload it very soon. It is Valentine’s themed, so enjoy!

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Podcasts Incoming

I have thought about the school and I realized the only way I can change things is to go into more forms of media. Namely, I’m gonna start a podcast.

Each week I will interview two students and a teacher. I will ask what they like about the school, what they don’t like, and what they want the school to give them. This will cover many aspects of school life. I will show the principal the podcast and that will CHANGE things! Kidding, kidding.

–Micky Munns

Windows XP is about to be out the door.

On April 8th,  2014, Microsoft will drop support of Windows XP in support of younger, more favorable Operating Systems, such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Windows XP has served many people well as a cheap and stark and crappy alternative to OS X. Many facilities still use XP, including the Redondo Beach Public Library, and Parras Middle School. I was wondering if the school  would update to Windows 7, for the following reasons.

Well since XP is going out the door, that means there will no longer be XP security updates, hotline help, and manufacturers may stop making software for XP. No more updates means that your system will be vulnerable. So hackers will steal library books!

When it came time to ask the library if they will update, the librarian said she didn’t know and to call a certain number, apparently the IT department. The number called some random guy. So, to improve this experience, I am starting a podcast.

But to end this conversation, Windows dropped XP because they have 7. Why didn’t they drop 7 when they had 8? Seems like they don’t belive in their product, and that is never a good thing.

–Micky Munns

The Chrome Books (For 6th Grade!!!)

On Tuesday, every 6th Grader in Redondo Beach got an 11″ HP Chrome Book. Which, if you know enough about computers, you would know they are low-level Netbooks–useless without internet. I should not be jealous, because I have a MacBook Pro, but I have seen 6th Graders using them during things like P.E. or spirit assemblies!

I have polled several 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders on their opinions of the ChromeBooks. Here is what they said.



snapshot (1)

Ryan Bohney: 8th Grade

ADMIN: Why do you think the 6th Graders got ChromeBooks?

RYAN: The 6th graders are new here, and when I was in 6th grade, I didn’t feel an especially warm welcome. They’re being nice to us for once.

ADMIN: Ok. What do you think they do with those laptops?

RYAN: Normally, they’d use them for school things, but a lot of 6th graders have gotten through blocks, and are playing games. I saw some playing Cut the Rope and another on Instagram. My sister can’t even get to hangouts, though.

ADMIN: Do you think it was a good idea to give 6th graders ChromeBooks?

RYAN: Not really, but I’m sort of influenced because I was supposed to recieve one for the pilot program when the board changed their minds.

ADMIN: One more thing. Anything you want to say to the 6th Graders who got ChromeBooks?

RYAN: Nothing. At. All.

Scotty: 6th Grade

ADMIN: Why do you think you got the ChromeBooks?

SCOTTY: Because we’re the pilot program.

ADMIN: What do you do with your ChromeBook?

SCOTTY: Homework and schoolwork.

ADMIN: What do you have to say to all the other people who are hatin’ on you guys?

SCOTTY: Suck it up.

Scotty’s Woman: 6th Grade

ADMIN: Why do you think you got the ChromeBooks?

S.W: Because, um, we’re in the uh, middle of school.

ADMIN: What do you do with your ChromeBook?

S.W: School and school-related stuff.

ADMIN: Anything to say to 7th and 8th graders?

S.W: You’ll get one next year.

And with mixed emotions, Parras tells us how they feel.

The (Shadow) Puppet Show

We had this shadow puppet show in social studies, and I decided to put Gamera in it.

Gamera is a japanese monster invented in the 60’s to rival Godzilla. Sadly, he never made it to the US. I finally put all the puppets together and performed, but I think my group did by far, the worst. No one knew what it was about. It was mostly because we never practiced before hand. Despite that, we still got 90%!

“The Zone”

If you’re going to Parras Middle School, and your parents are way overprotective, they’re probably gonna send you to The Zone, a fancy after school place. Located in the former Chinese room, this place houses a few frequent visitors, like Luke Peterson, and others.

This place is semi-fun, but I wouldn’t know, because I don’t spend every day there. Thankfully, it makes up for it with some semi-old computers and a fools ball table. There is also food.

The Sadness of Finals Week

Well, it’s the final day of finals week, and it is stressing me out. Seriously, aren’t there other ways to apply your general knowledge of english, math, science, and history than taking a series excruciatingly stressful tests? Even with the fact that you can scan twice(change your answers to get a better grade), you still are freaked out, because if you change your answers to the wrong one, you are marked down and can’t change your grade.
Another thing. The teachers without the fancy new scanners, well they give you the usual wait. So you worry the entire time, and then end up with a grade worse than you ever imagined. I hope someone feels the same.