I’m Back! Again.

I have returned, and it’s good to be back. The blog is starting to return. But if you’re wondering what I have done, the answer is here. It’s been a long road, but my goal is nearing. Sadly, I cannot tell you what that goal is, because it is secret. Bye!

Egg Babies

On Monday, all the seventh graders got egg babies. The mission: take them everywhere for 3 days and prevent them from cracking. The project also holds the prospect of 50, count ‘em, 50 extra credit points. All that extra credit could bring your grade up from an F to perfect! So of course, I took on the project. I took care of my baby, and almost forgot it several times. But in the end, I had grown an affinity for the baby. I will be sad when it is gone. I got 15 points less for minor cracking, but I think that the credit doesn’t matter, because the baby was a reward in itself.

Many teens are having children in high school. This is bad, because either they can’t take care of it and it dies, they can’t pay for it and become hobos, or the male leaves, leaving the woman to take care of the baby. I think this project was to teach us how hard teen parenting is. So afterwards, I gave my baby a proper burial in my front yard. We had a moment of silence, and  then went back to our lives.

If this baby taught me anything, it taught me t never forget the ones you love. Babies are just what you need to bring yourself happiness, and more importantly, a pain in the neck.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

You may know about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. It was just another plane flight leaving from Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport, heading to Beijing Capital International Airport.  The Boeing 777-200ER mysteriously vanished over the Indian Ocean on March 8th with about 270 passengers on board. It has been missing ever since.

Before it’s disappearance, flight 370 was heading to Beijing, but turned west over the Malay Peninsula, disappearing from radar. A lot of countries have joined the search, including the US and UK. Although the plane’s transponder and radio were offed, there was one part that could never be deactivated, and that other transmitter sent automated “pings” to Malaysian satellites. The data from those pings helped investigators track the flight until its last ping.

Now, with the entire world focusing on the flight, they are still no closer to finding the plane. In my opinion, there were some terrorists on the plane and they wanted to make another 9/11 in China but they missed, fell into the ocean, and they all died. I’m sorry, but I don’t think terrorists are good pilots. Nothing personal.


P.S.  The government found some debris. I was right! But apologies for any hurt feelings. I just felt like having a little laugh.


Return of the Micky

I haven’t posted much lately, and if you are a member, you know my stats have been suffering equally. Today I once again take up the chisel and slate. I mean, keyboard and monitor. I’m gonna come with another wave of content, and try to make the podcast a reality. It’s been really difficult, and podcasts may come out only once in a while, but it’s an awarding experience. If you want a voice acting part, or editing in the blog, just contact me!

More On Google Drive

You may have heard about Google Drive. It’s actually a big thing.

One day, your teacher says, “Go type up a report about _______”. So you log into Google Drive with your Gmail account. May seem like a mundane thing, but just 10 years ago, it was… different. Wireless internet was just beginning to get fast. The only real text editor was Microsoft Word. But now, there are so many. Pages for Apple. Word for Windows. Google Drive for Google. But only two have wireless syncing. Pages and Google Drive. And Google Drive, however, is slowly becoming dominant. It has all the things you could need from a text editor, plus presentations and drawings.

The thing is, Drive is FREE. The only problem is that without internet, you can’t edit the documents. So, this is ideal for NetBooks. All I’m saying is, Drive is pretty useful.

Design Change

I know the design of the website looks cool, but I want to change it to something more… Orange. So we’ll have a group vote. Whatever. Just get  it done.

My Review of the All-Star Basketball Game

When first period ended Monday, I wondered why the period ended after 38 minutes instead of the usual 50 minutes. However, if you know me, you knew I would have asked people, all of which didn’t know. So I hobbled along to 2nd period, awaiting what came next. Here’s what happened. At third period, someone told me about all-star basketball game that took up two hours of that day. First we started off on a long walk to the high school. Me and my friend Ryan sat in the stands of the gym just as some eight grader began lip-syncing the national anthem. I would’ve just thought the girl  was a really good singer. However, the crummy PA system was a dead giveaway. The PA stopped at like 2 second intervals, and when it was off, there was literally NO sound coming from her mouth. So I told Ryan and he said “You just noticed?” After that I watched the first five seconds, but realized I could regain the sleep I lost at Cimi, which I will tell you about in the next post. I hid under my jacket and was out like a light. The only thing I remember was going to the bathroom to go poo but a Language Arts teacher stopped me. When I got back, the girls were playing, and it was bo-ring. However I think many students were pleased.

I mean, they got to cut each class time  by 12 minutes, not to mention talk to their friends for 2 hours. Now that I think of it, I was going to say save the Basketball for after school, but I realized it was a nice break from class. In the future though, people who do not want to attend get barricaded in the library or something, so that they can do what they wish.

-Micky Munns


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