About the Crew

So I am a blogger now. I am unsure what kind of thing to put up on here. Luckily, I have my friends to help.  My crew consists of the couple of friends I managed to coerce into joining.

First, there’s Scotty. He’s my kind of guy. He’s not too dumb, down to Earth, and he really knows how to be nice. He will be a good asset on this website.

Next, there’s Toby. He acts kind of gangsta, but I’m cool with that. He also can be annoying, but when he is, he cools off fast. Not quite so reliable, but he’s an asset.

Then, there’s Christian. He is really, um… cooky. I’ve known him for a long time, but he has lots…of…energy. Or something. He can’t concentrate or apply himself. Again, he will come here once and never return. He’s still an editor, because he doesn’t know how to abuse his power.

There’s also Ethan, A.K.A. Ed the human. He seems the only other intelligent person on the blog. If I convince him, he can be a good asset.

Also there’s Ben. I’m kind of angry at him for not letting me into his cabin at CIMI. But that’s alright. He is in my Honors classes and in Algebra so he’s pretty smart.

Adam has recently joined, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll post much. Regardless, he’s a good friend.



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