Saints Row: The Third REVIEW

download (2) I know, The Third is a fairly old game. I realize that. But, I just got it      recently, and I figured I’d review it. Its a really fun, innovative game if you  can handle the crazy.

Here’s the official launch trailer.

You see, GTA is, well GTA. GTA is like your fun father. He take you fun places, has good times with you, but at the end of the day, he’s still your father. He only goes so far. Now, The Third is like your crazy uncle. There are no limits, there are no restrictions. The Third takes everything you know about an open world game and force-feeds it LSD (or HFS, if you know what I mean…) It all starts in the opening sequence: you’re robbing a bank dressed as a bobblehead Johnny Gat mascot. It just gets crazier from there: Running naked through a subway shooting hookers with a machine gun, jumping from jumbo jet to jumbo jet shooting suited baddies, and starting a zombie semi-apocalypse, just to name a few. Mmmm, braaaaaains… And those are just the story missions! DLC, although not required, add to the game experience. Gangstas…In Space!?!? Roasting pedestrians in Genkibowl VI?!?! There’s so much more to explore in Saints Row The Third!

The Verdict: 9.5/10. Great game, but not good for those with no sense of humor or who can’t tolerate anything ridiculous.

I hope to review Saints Row 4 sometime in the near future, so stay posted. But don’t hold me to it…

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