Google Earth: Flight Simulator

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If you use Google Earth, you may or may not know that it has its own hidden, or rather unknown, features. One of which is their flight simulator. The flight simulator uses the regular Google Earth map to create a smooth realistic feel.



Below is the F-16 HUD. To the left, a speedometer, the right, altitude, and at the very top, a digital compass. Google Earth’s navigation features also show up on the map, which provides an easy way to get from point A to point B. You also have the choice to take off from either an airport or the current view you are on.



The “features” aspect of flight simulator is left barren. There are some controls used to view the aircraft from other viewpoints, which can provide a content feeling as per the view.


The simulator also lets the user have full control of the aircraft, from throttle to landing gear to braking.




Final Thoughts

Google Earth’s flight simulator is certainly fun to play, and most definitely, free. I thoroughly enjoy roaming the planet in a plane’s perspective.

Google Earth’s flight simulator can be accessed by going under “Tools” and selecting “Enter Flight Simulator” or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+A on Windows or Cmd+Alt+A.

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