Fitbit Surge, Charge, and Charge HR Smartwatches Unveiled

Fitbit Surge Orange

On Monday, Fitbit unveiled their latest lineup of wrist-based fitness trackers. We’ve known for a while about the Fitbit Surge “super watch” but I was pretty surprised when they unveiled not one, not two, but three Fitbits. The Charge, Charge HR, and Surge were all unveiled.

First, and probably least exciting, is the Fitbit Charge, a slightly revamped version of the Fitbit Force. The Force was recalled earleir this year, due to skin irritation. The charge is $129, and it offers step tracking, distance, and calories burned. It has a small monochrome OLED screen that displays your fitness stats and incoming calls.

Next up, Charge HR (Heart Rate). It’s $149, and as the name suggests, it tracks your heart rate. It uses Fitbit’s pules-tracking technology, flashing LEDs on your arteries to fid your heart rate. This is to be done mid-workout, not standing still. The Charge HR has 5 days battery.

Finally, the self-proclaimed “super watch”, the Fitbit Surge. It launches in early 2015 at $249, having a built-in GPS, 3-axis accelerometers, a gyroscope, a compass, an altimeter and a bunch more. It packs a full-sized black-and-white touchscreen display, with text notifications, music controls and customizable watch faces.  Despite all of those functions, it also promises a full week of battery life.

There’s lots of cool stuff here, and tons to be excited about, mostly about the Surge. Stay tuned, I may or may not get my hands on these.

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